Saturday, 4 March 2017

Sun's out, adders out... as the old saying goes

With the sun shining and temperatures supposedly reaching 17oCJames Lowan, Will Soar and I couldn't have chosen a better day to go addering at one of our favourite spots in Norfolk for them. A Woodlark sang overhead, several Woodcock flushed out from the gorse and Common Lizards scurried away faster that you could react to see them.

We visited known favourite spots on the heath from previous years as well as searched the heath, in suitable sun-traps, for new spots. We encountered an incredible 17 adders including some tiny individuals, presumably last years hatchlings. I put this key down next to this adder to show just how small it was!

I'm learning that adders are surprisingly difficult to photograph, they're easily spooked, there's always bits of vegetation getting in the way and its hard to get a good angle.

Upon returning to the heath a couple of weeks later we again saw good numbers of adders and I got some better results (below).

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