Friday, 3 March 2017

Breaking the Winter woes, part 1 Twitching

Winter in England is rubbish, we all know it, thankfully I spent most of the winter not in England. Sadly however, I couldn't stay away all winter so to boost my vitamin D and fight those wintry blues I tried to get out and about at least a few times.


Amazingly, despite turning up not long after I left the country back in November, the Dusky Thrush was still present in Derbyshire. Managing to rally together a few other of Britain's worst twitchers ;-)(@stuart_white73 @mr_shortwing and @White1Julian, who also hadn't seen the bird despite it being there for over a month), we headed to Beeley and then down to the Cotswolds for the wintering Blue Rock Thrush.

Despite black ice trying its best to sabotage our twitch. Both were seen immediately and there were bonus bacon sandwiches available at the BRT. Result!

The Dusky showed well though mostly distant (here pictured with a Redwing). The BRT repeatedly ate fat snacks from someone's garden then sat back sunning itself and digesting on a roof. 

At the end of the month, Will Soar, @keith_langdon and I headed down to Kent to see the male Pine Bunting. It showed well, though distantly when we got there before becoming extremely elusive after 30mins or so. Sadly it was too distant for a photo.

A couple of days later, @keith_langdon and I were this time joined by @yoavperlman and we headed to Lincolnshire for the White-billed Diver. This incredible beast performed marvelously up and down the river allowing for some excellent photo opportunities. This is the second White-billed Diver I've seen extremely well after the bird on the Hayle, Cornwall in 2007. 

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