Monday, 21 April 2014

Guernsey birding - Sub-alp... rook and roll

Just spent a week back in Guernsey visiting family and friends and spent some time birding. Highlight of the week was Jamie's Subalpine Warbler at Pleinmont which he found when I was about 500m away on a family walk, so it was not long before I was watching it with him. It showed very nicely feeding in a small patch of flowering blackthorn. It never made a sound the whole time but it looks like a Western.

The other "highlight" if you can call it that was a Rook in with the crows in the fields at Rue des Hougues, these are actually quite rare in Guernsey though appear to be turning up more regularly in early spring in recent years. Other highlights of the week were a few spring migrants - wheatears, Ring Ouzel, Whitethroat, Sedge warbler, House Martin. Also of note was the large numbers of Buzzards seen, bearing in mind this was once a scarce migrant in Guernsey, there were not many occasions in the south of the island where you could look up without seeing one this week. This included 14+ birds while on a 10 minute drive along the south coast on one day. Presumably some of these were migrants as there are other birds in the north and center of the island and I don't imagine the island can support as many breeding birds as this, but who knows?

A nice week anyway, great weather all week, a pleasure to be back!

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